Book Review- The Ascent of Feminist Poetry



The Ascent of Feminist Poetry by Charles Bane, Jr.
Published by Transcendent Zero Press on November 1, 2015
Genres: Feminist, Poetry, Women Writers, Feminist Theory
Pages: 32

Charles Bane, Jr. once again takes a route to poetic interpretation that honors the role of small presses in moving poetry toward its most obscure destinies. In this discussion of feminist poetry and its outlier status, Bane explores the rising trend of female poets and what this means to the future of poetry.

Small presses are important because they assume risks the larger publishers want to avoid. They set market trends, and are market rogues. Honest small presses that love the craft want to push boundaries, lift curses, and broaden the creative dialogue. The small press is often overlooked in the long run, and Mr. Bane makes special note of the contributions these presses add to the art of poetry.

This is not so much playing the devil’s advocate as giving an emerging poetry a solid analysis and voice. Expect an trenchant look into the next big thing in poetry.

The Ascent of Feminist Poetry was very insightful. It speaks about problems in our society and the decline of true culture, among other pressing matters. There is insightful text sprinkled with poems from various female authors, covering a wide range of poetry styles.

The poems are used as a way to reinforce the text surrounding them, giving me chills. It was pieced together expertly, and gave a deep insight into matters I didn’t even know existed, yet affect people on a daily basis.

The book was very short, which made it a quick read. Even so, it has my mind spinning with the context, and I doubt I’ll be able to stop thinking about it for a while.

As much as I enjoyed it, the book was a bit tricky to understand, and I had to stop and go back over some passages a couple times to make sure I was understanding the meaning completely.

I am going to give The Ascent of Feminist Poetry four out of five hearts.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

*This book was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This has not in any way affected my views or opinion of the book.


3 thoughts on “Book Review- The Ascent of Feminist Poetry

  1. I love books that deal with women’s issues! I struggle with poetry… I have a hard time understanding it and fully appreciating it, so I tend to avoid it. It is definitely a genre that I would love to read more of.


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