Book Locket Giveaway

Hey guys! So I was lucky enough to be able to team up with Dino Stories on Etsy to bring you this wonderful giveaway! If you win this giveaway you will receive a custom cover book locket!

Dino Stories was kind enough to send me a sample necklace, and I chose the Standard Book of Spells: Grade One by Miranda Goshawk (which is one of the text books Harry Potter uses, for those of you who don’t know).

The necklace took about two weeks to arrive, mostly due to the fact that Dino Stories is based out of Australia. When it got here and I opened the package, the locket was wrapped 1in an adorable little package! It felt like Christmas in July!

I opened up the little pouch and the locket inside was wrapped nicely with a piece of plastic so it wouldn’t get tangled or damaged on it’s long trek around the world.

4When you order a locket, you can choose between a 16″, 18″, and 20″ chain. IΒ got the 20″ chain, and the chain that came was a true 20″. It feels like a sturdy material, so I feel comfortable wearing it around without fearing that it will tangle or break.

The cover on the necklace is absolutely beautiful! It looks 5exactly like the picture that is advertised on Dino Stories Etsy store, and I could not be more happy with it! The color is stunning, and the title is very easy to read.

8The locket opens up fairly easily (but don’t worry, there’s no way it would open on its own) and there are places to put pictures on both sides of the locket. Now I just need to print some small pictures!

So now for the exciting part! You have a chance to win one of your very own lockets, and you can have any cover you want on the front! All you have to do to enter is comment what book cover you want on the front of your locket in the comment section below! And ta da! You are entered!

Please share this giveaway with anyone you think would be interested! I’m looking forward to seeing what book covers you choose!

*UPDATE* winner has been chosen and contacted. Thank you to everyone who participated!!

18 thoughts on “Book Locket Giveaway

  1. what a beautiful necklace!!! I think I would want a classic, but would have a hard time picking between Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, two of my favorites. I’m a Bronte junkie πŸ˜…. I guess I’m going to go withJane Eyre for the win!

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