It’s been a while…

Hi everyone. So, as some of you probably noticed (a girl can hope), I haven’t exactly been posting for the last few months. For that I’m sorry. Life’s been kind of crazy. 

I started a new school this fall, and unlike my last school (which was so laid back that the teachers didn’t show up half the time), it is really intense. So I decided to take some time away from the internet and focus completely on classes and getting adjusted, which had worked out pretty well (not to brag, but high honors student right here). 

At the beginning of the school year, I figured that I would have lots of free time to read, and brought a whole bookshelf full of books I have yet to read. Sadly they’ve been sitting in said bookshelf waiting for me to crack open the pages. 

I have read a few of them, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and write reviews for them quite yet. But I will. I promise. I won’t be posting quite as often as I used to be, but I will start coming back. I’m going to start making time to rejoin the wonderful world of book blogging and reconnect with the amazing bloggers I have met since beginning this journey in February.

Seeing as I’ve been gone for so long, I would love for some of you other wonderful bloggers to link your posts below so I can catch up on some of your latest posts! Thanks so much for reading this, and I can’t wait to dive back in to the blogosphere!!!!

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