Discussion: What’s With All The Green Eyes in YA? Have all other eye colors been banned?


Lets talk about green eyes.

Apparently 2% of the population of THE ENTIRE EARTH has green eyes. But honestly with the amount of green-eyed characters in books, you’d think that every other person you pass on the street is gonna stare back with some variation of emerald or forest.


I’ve met maybe 3 people in my life with honest-to-god green eyes.

I’m not counting those blue-but-sometimes-can-pass-for-green eyes, or hazel-eyes-that-look-green-on-good-days… I’m talking actual, no-possible-mistaking-it GREEN EYES.

Is there some universal law that love interests in books have to have bright green eyes?

giphyBecause that’s what it’s starting to feel like.

Where are the gorgeous browns and blues and ambers? The greys and the hazels? There are so many eye colors out there. So why does it feel like every other character in a YA book has green eyes?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for green eyes as much as the next girl, but other eye colors are gorgeous too. And I just really feel like there is a huge lack of other eye colors in the fictional-love-interest-pool.

Honestly, if a book isn’t set in northern or central Europe, it’s very unlikely that the character knows (much less has the chance to fall for) someone with the kind of green eyes that all YA-love-interests seem to have.

But guys, it’s not only love-interests that have green eyes.


So many main characters and side characters and just characters in general have green eyes. And then their friends have green eyes too. Like I get one green-eyed person. Or gingers, that’s a whole different story (although still, three unrelated gingers in a small town school? Unlikely). But anyway, the two gingers that I actually know both have eyes more on the bluish side… not the bright vibrant green that authors seem to be so fond of.

But so many people with green eyes? All together? Something smells fishy.

I mean, obviously there are people with green eyes, and yes, those people can obviously be love interests.

I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m just saying that it seems like every love interest in every book I’ve picked up happens to have green eyes. It’s kind of weird. If I had that many green-eyed-guys in my life I would be set.

And yeah, not all books have green-eyed love-interests. There are a ton of exceptions.

I’m just pointing out a trend that I’ve been noticing a lot lately.

Have you been noticing all the green eyes too?

Are there any other trends like this that you have been seeing in books?



28 thoughts on “Discussion: What’s With All The Green Eyes in YA? Have all other eye colors been banned?

    • Mostly YA contemporary romance. I’ve been trying to read more of the genre, but it seems that there is a love interest in every book with a pair of bright green eyes!


  1. You know what eye color you almost never see in YA? Brown. Brown hair is also less common. You get blondies, black-haired beauties, and redheads galore! Oh well. I like my brown hair… and my blue eyes. 🙂

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  2. BROWN. Nobody has brown eyes. Literally if they do have brown eyes, it’s talked about as like boring brown or mud or something and then you get this glorious description of ocean blue or emerald green. What’s even more popular than brown? GREY. GREY EYES. I know nobody with grey eyes. I think purple eyes might even more popular. I honestly hadn’t noticed the green eye trend so much, but I do notice the lack of brown eyes. XD Wonderful post (i literally typed eyes in here at first XD).

    (Also, I think my first post might have gone to spam. XD)

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    • Ahhh I know!! Literally I have never seen grey or purple eyes. Are they real? I don’t know.
      I really wish there were more beautiful brown eyes in books. I’m reading Throne of Glass right now and they actually have some great descriptions of brown eyes, but other than that I literally can’t think of any characters with pretty brown eyes 😒


  3. This is a really interesting observation! I feel like I notice a lot of blue eyes (but maybe that’s just because I love blue eyes XD) I think we need more brown eyes appreciation (and that may or may not be because I have brown eyes… XD)

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    • I’m reading another book where someone has green eyes. I’m glad someone else noticed this trend. Almost every book I read, when they mention eye colour it’s almost always green. As someone who really has green eyes I find it very annoying because it’s not that common. Most eyes that get called green are actually hazel.


    • I don’t in some books, but sometimes the eye color is just brought up again and again until it’s like “okay guys I get it you can stop now”


  4. I have to admit that I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to eye color in real life so when books go on and on about it I don’t really get it. But I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with green eyes. I also see grey eyes described in fiction a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever seen those either. Great post!

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  8. Many people have brown eyes. I myself do. I love my brown eyes. But brown eyes are hard to describe. I know this struggle well, as a writer. You can describe green eyes as deep as the sea and red hair as a mass of flames but like??? How do you tell them about brown eyes and brown hair??? I think we need some more descriptive words for brown eyes. And hazel eyes. I have even have a friend whose eyes change color. (So yes, I know someone with green eyes but her eyes are not always green.)

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  10. Oh my gosh, I was just thinking this and found your post. It’s so true! All the main love interests in all the books I’ve read lately have had green eyes… Or they’d at least one character that does. Totally crazy! So glad I’m not the only one to notice this.


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