YA Series Recommendations- What are your favorite series? What series are not worth the read?


Finding a new series to dive into can be a hard and daunting task. Series are a big commitment. They are scary. And more often than not, they get shoved down to the bottom of a TBR because who has time for that?

What are you talking about? Obviously people read series.

Obviously. But think about it for a minute: has there ever been a series that you put off reading for so long and then when you picked it up you were like “why did I wait so long to read this? This is amazing.” ???

If your answer is “no, does that really happen to people? Hah puny mortals.” then get out of here what are you doing you wizard/god

wait, actually on second thought please come back and teach me your secrets because I need them

But seriously, what is the purpose of this post?


We are gathered here today to join John and Jane in holy… oops.. wrong place

We are gathered here today to discuss great YA series and inspire each other to finally pick up that amazing series and stop missing out! I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite YA series, and then we can talk about them and you can tell me what your favorite series are and then we can all be sprinkled with pixie dust that will make all our responsibilities go away so we can read forever.

Or something like that…

So what counts as a series? Basically anything with more than one book. So douologies through 100 book series (if such series exist). Or at least that’s my definition of a series, so I’m rolling with it.

My YA Series Recommendations (in no particular order):

Anna Dressed in Blood (Duology) by Kendare Blake

I will never not recommend these books. They are amazing. The end.

Red Queen (Quadrilogy) by Victoria Aveyard

I’m not sure if this series is going to stop at 4 books, but that’s all I know of for now, and based on the ending of King’s Cage, I think the fourth (still unnamed book) is probably going to wrap everything up.

This series is one of my favorite dystopias, and I can not wait for the fourth one to come out! It is gripping and exciting. There are powers, princes, rebels, high stakes, and heart wrenching events. If you love dystopia, this is not one to miss.

Ruby Red (Trilogy) by Kerstin Gier

I regard these books as the best time travel books to grace the planet. Good luck convincing me otherwise.

The Selection (Trilogy) by Kiera Cass

I adore everything about this trilogy. I know that technically The Heir and The Crown exist… but I don’t really consider them a part of this (do you?). Plus I’ve only read The Heir and I don’t really think it lives up to the glory of the original trilogy.

This series is so adorable and swoon worthy!! And it’s a quick read, which is always a plus!

Throne of Glass (6 books? 7? More?) by Sarah J. Maas

So remember in the beginning of this post when I said something about putting off a series for wayyyy too long and then being like “why did I wait so long?” Yeah so that’s pretty much this series.

I’m only on the second book as of right now, BUT ITS SO GOOD I HAD TO PUT IT ON THIS LIST. Seriously this writing is some sort of sorcery. Don’t deprive yourself of the amazingness.

Okay so that’s it for my list.

Are there more amazing series out there?

Obviously. That’s where you guys come in! I want to hear what your favorite series are!

28962906And, also, there are of course series that are just starting. As in only the first book has been published as of now. Like Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. SOOOO GOOD.

But I tried to only include complete or almost complete series on this list, so if anyone decides to start one of the series I recommend, you won’t be stuck waiting for the rest of the series to come out (which could take years).

Because binge reading rules!

But also support new authors. Because that is important.

But what about the series that are not worth the read?

Well, I’m sure that ever series has it’s fans. And, a lot of people like the series that I had a lot of trouble reading. But, here is a list of series that I could not get in to. Just remember that these are my opinions, and if you like any of these series that is great and I’m glad that you were able to find something in them that I wasn’t.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Trilogy) by Ransom Riggs

I don’t have anything against this series (I actually kind of enjoyed the first book… kind of), but I could never bring myself to pick up the second book. I just don’t think this series is worth reading.

Shatter Me (6 books) by Tahereh Mafi

I don’t want to say I hated the first book of this series….

A lot of people enjoy this series, but I can’t figure out why for the life of me. I just can’t stand anything about it.

Girl Online (Trilogy) by Zoe Sugg (Ghost Writer Siobhan Curham)

These books are the bane of YA. I don’t know why they exist. The first book was so cringey that I could barely finish it.

The Maze Runner (Trilogy? Not really sure at this point) by James Dashner

The Maze Runner was actually a DNF. I tried to read it several times and never got past the middle of the book. I watched the movie, too, just incase that would inspire me to finish the book… but I didn’t really like the movie either.

Anyway, that’s it for this post!

What are your can’t-miss YA series? What series are not worth the read?

Also: if you make a post similar to this one, link me in it so I can see it!

Thanks for reading!!

32 thoughts on “YA Series Recommendations- What are your favorite series? What series are not worth the read?

  1. Lovely post! I only read the first Miss Peregrine book and I thought it was okay but…it didn’t blow me away either and I don’t know if I will continue on reading it or not.
    Some of my favorite series are The Lunar Chronicles, the Delirium series, The Mara Dyer series 🙂

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    • I couldn’t get into Delirium (I read the first one but never continued), but I just finished the Lunar Chronicles and it was pretty good!! The Mara Dyer series is on my TBR, but I haven’t gotten to it quite yet!

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  2. Oh God, there are so many good series out there! The Lunar Chronicles is my #1 #1 #1 rec for literally everyone! The Six of Crows duology and The Winner’s Trilogy by Marie Rutkoski! Also An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir!! The Legend series by Marie Lu!! The Girl of Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson! The list goes on!!! A series that I don’t recommend is the Defy series by Sara B. Larson! I just never got into it! Nice post!

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  3. I need to add those Kendare Blake books in my tbr! 😂

    Also, have you read the Silver/Silber trilogy by Kerstin Gier? I’m on the third book right now. I actually like this series better (so far) than Ruby Red. It’s mostly because there’s less relationship drama? I think it’s because I don’t have to read about Gwen, Gideon, and Charlotte. There were times when I wanted to put the book down because of those 3. Instead of reading the last book, I ended up watching all 3 movies! 🙊 (I’m learning German as well, so I guess it’s pretty cool)

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    • Ahh I’ve only seen the first Ruby Red movie because it’s the only one I could find with English dub!! I really want to see the second two because I loved the first one!! Also, I haven’t read the Silver trilogy but it’s on my TBR and I hope I can get it soon!!!


  4. I agree with Miss Peregrine and The Maze Runner series – I only read the first of each series, and couldn’t bring myself to pick up the second (although I actually enjoyed both of them). I can’t believe the only book I’ve read of your favourite series is Red Queen! I need to seriously up my reading game.
    I was trying to think of some series I love, but actually I tend to read stand alone novels – I’m not normally one to invest in a whole series (except Cassandra Clare, and Harry Potter!) – and most of the books I’ve read recently have been one-off novels…

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    • I read a lot of stand alones too!! They are such a lower commitment level than series! But yes, you should definitely check out some of the others! I’d love to hear what you think about them!!


  5. I literally just discovered the Gemstone Series doing my Book Title review. I get the feeling that I will be picking up the first book soon. (Or when I have space on my shelf…whenever that is.) And, I am so angry that I read the first book of Red Queen and now have a giant TBR pile so I can’t pick up Glass Sword until I make a solid dent in it.

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  6. Lunar Chroniclessssssssssssss. Also SOC duo (is duo a series? I’m going to go with it). Truthfully, I used to be really big into series, but now I have a struggle with them. I find that I always have one or two books that ruin the series for me and then I’m in a weird spot and can’t call it a favorite series? XD I’m a book mess. But I’m going to have to get on these series!!

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    • I totally get what you mean about that 1 or 2 books that ruin a series. It’s a true hazard!! And everybody is recommending the Lunar Chronicles!! I just finished them (haven’t read the novellas yet, but I’ll get to them eventually), but it wasn’t my *favorite* series in the world.


  7. I had not heard about the Anna Dressed in Blood series but those covers – they draw you straight in. That and the Ruby Red series are going right on my TBR, they look so good.

    I had the same thing for Miss Peregrine series and the Maze Runner series. I read the first book of each series, found them alright, but had no inclination to pick up the rest of the series. They just didn’t interest me enough!

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    • You have to let me know what you think of Anna and Ruby Red!!! And yes! Their covers are stunning!!
      Miss Peregrines and Maze Runner were both such disappointments! They both have such good premises but I couldn’t get on board with them!

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  8. SOMEONE ELSE WHO DIDN’T LIKE SHATTER ME! *high five* Those books drove me INSANE! I didn’t mind The Maze Runner but the rest of the series was trash… I read Ruby Red a few years ago and thought it was really fun! I ended up reading 2 of the books (I think) but don’t remember enough to finish that. I recently caught up on all things Sarah J Maas! I hadn’t read any of her books until I read ACOTAR and Throne of Glass in May. I ready enjoyed ACOTAR but Throne of Glass wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t really bad… just didn’t live up to the hype

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    • I know! What’s with all the shatter me hype? I just can’t with those books!! Idk why I couldn’t get into the Maze Runner.. like it could have been so good. I actually can’t even remember if it was a DNF or not…

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      • Honestly, don’t feel bad about DNFing Maze Runner bc the other books weren’t great. Then the author promised a good prequel but it wasn’t very good and only brought up more questions… so he wrote ANOTHER prequel… Idk how that one was, I never read it.

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  9. Great choices! 🙂 I agree with the Shatter Me trilogy. I’d also add the Winner’s Curse trilogy as well as the Six of Crows duology. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ❤

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  10. I absolutely loved Red Queen and the next three successive books. I am yet to pick up the next book. And I really liked reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children but lost interest in the sequels. Same goes for Maze Runner 😅 The one YA series that I am enjoying so far is An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. You can try that if you haven’t already. 😊

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