I have been promising this for weeks. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit behind schedule. But it is here!!

Over the past two months, I’ve read all of the published ToG novels (The Assassin’s Blade through Empire of Storms) and loved them all! I don’t know why I waited so long to start this series.

Maybe I was afraid of the hype… who knows.

Anyway, I haven’t posted any of my reviews yet, but they will be going up soon (probably in the next week or so, but you probably know by now that I’m terrible at staying on schedule) . In the meantime, you have this awesome giveaway to enter!

Here’s what you can win:

(And please forgive my less-than-adequate photo taking skills….)


You can win all of these goodies and a hardback of the next ToG book: Tower of Dawn!! (ToD will be ordered from Book Depository and sent directly to winner)

Let’s take a closer look at what you stand to win:

  1. IMG_3410This beautiful 18×18″ pillow from BookishStuff on Etsy! The case is super soft and the pillow is very plushy! The art on it features a Stag silhouette with a dark forest behind it, and a starry sky and a quote inside of it.  It says:

    the Stag, the Lord of the North. So the people of Terrasen will always know how to find their way home. So they can look up at the sky, no matter where they are and know Terrasen is forever with them.

  2. IMG_3412A one-of-a-kind handmade Journal from KleeTreasures on Etsy! This beautiful journal is hand painted and has a cute bookmark with a yellow star charm and a spiral of stars charm.
    The art on this journal features the Stag of Terrasen surrounded by a golden circle with a crown on top!
    It is small enough to be carried around in your purse or pocket!
    Also, this came all the way from Australia!! (I think that’s really awesome)
  3. A gorgeous metal stamped necklace from Bookish IMG_3413Adventures on Etsy! This necklace is silver colored and says:


    It also has a little heart charm off to one side!
    This necklace will make such a cute accessory with any outfit!
    You can check out Bookish Adventures on Instagram here!

  4. A 13×13″ Tote Bag from Society6 (this is the only thing not donated IMG_3411for the giveaway, but when I saw it I was like “ahh this is so cute! I need to include it in the giveaway!”)
    The artwork features a gold dream catcher on a black background with stars and has the quote:

    The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers.

    Just so you know, that is my favorite quote from the books!!

  5. A Hardcover of Tower of Dawn (ordered from Book Depository, as said above)

How to win:

*This giveaway is going to be open to anywhere that book depository ships!!

To win, just enter the rafflecoper giveaway below!

Rafflecoper Giveaway

Good luck entering the giveaway!

The giveaway ends on September 11th, 2017 and the winner will be emailed the following day!

And keep an eye out for the upcoming reviews of the Throne of Glass series!!

Thanks for reading!!


49 thoughts on “It is finally here: The EPIC THRONE OF GLASS THEMED GIVEAWAY!!!!

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  4. I was afraid of the hype too, but once I started reading the books… Welcome, ToG, to my list of favorite series ahahaha I haven’t read Empire of Storms yet, but I already have the book, so I’m planning on doing that this month. And mostly because I also want to read Tower of Dawn, one of my most anticipated releases of the year 😀 😀 Thank you for the kind giveaway!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Omg Empire of Storms was so intense!!!! And the ending!!! Not gonna spoil it but WOAHHHHHHH I literally called my brother and screamed at him!!! I can’t wait to read Tower of Dawn either!!! Good luck in the giveaway!!


  5. Oh, God… WHAT A GIVEAWAY, girl! I cannot wait to read Tower of Dawn! I remember feeling a bit confused when they announced the art cover, but oh well, I’m getting used to it, and besides, I need to continue reading the series 😀
    And I’ll admit that I fell in love with the tote bag ❤ Empire of Storms is my favorite book so far, and that's one of my favorite quotes from it 😀 Thanks for including it!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, Emma! Can't wait to read your thoughts on these fantastic books!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you like the giveaway!! I can’t wait to start Tower of Dawn either! I’m not in love with the cover art, but I’ve heard that the book is great (by those insanely fast readers who somehow have gotten a copy and finished it already)!!
      I love the tote too!! I actually ended up ordering a second one for myself!
      Good luck in the giveaway!! I’ll be choosing a winner later today!


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