Semi-Hiatus, although it breaks my heart

Hey guys!

This post is really sad for me to write. I hoped, going into this school year, that I would be able to keep up with my blog and school and sports and clubs etc., but it’s been just a week and I’m already being overwhelmed.

I have a lot of most posts (reviews, interviews, discussions, etc.) that want to post, so when I find time to sit down and write something, I will. But the reality is I probably won’t be able to do much for the next few months as school starts to ramp up again. I might be able to post once a week, but I definitely won’t be able to post every day like I was over the summer.

I really appreciate all of my readers, and I hope you stick around until I can post regularly again. And I will do my best to keep up with everybody else’s blogs if/when I have spare time.

Thank you to everybody who has been with me so far on this blogging journey and I hope I can come back and blog regularly very soon!


28 thoughts on “Semi-Hiatus, although it breaks my heart

  1. Good luck at school, Em! And don’t worry too much about not blogging as often, we’ll still be here when you return! 😉 I had to take a long break when I did my internship and graduated college. I was scared I had to start all over again, but I didn’t. My blog is doing better than ever now and I’m sure yours will as well. ❤

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  2. oooohhh, we’re gonna miss you so much!!! 😘 but school is priority and you do what you need to do! this is a hobby and when the time comes and you feel motivated, you’ll come back! i hope you have a great semester and i am glad we still get to read some posts from you!! 💕

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  3. Oh I’m sad to see you go, Em! But sometimes we really have to prioritize real life… I’ll definitely stick around and hope you come back as soon as possible 🙂 Take care of yourself – give yourself a break and definitely don’t feel guilty. We all go through this at one point! I’ve seen it a lot lately now that school is starting, and I absolutely understand.
    Big hug ❤

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