I Had the Worst Travel Experience Ever and Now I Feel Like a Failure.

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Hey guys. So yesterday I flew from my grandparent’s house in Florida back up to my school in Massachusetts. I fly all the time. I’ve literally been taking solo trips four or five times a year for the last six years, and I’ve never had a problem.

But for some ungodly reason everything decided to go wrong for me yesterday.
To start off the day, my alarm didn’t go off. I usually always wake up before my alarm on travel days, so when I opened my eyes, I thought that was the case. Then I looked at my watch.

I woke up two hours after I was supposed to and that meant that I didn’t even have enough time to get to the airport before the gate for my flight closed.

I still rushed to change and throw the rest of my stuff into my already overstuffed backpack, then I ran and woke my brother up because he was driving me to the airport.
About 10 minutes into the drive, I realized that I forgot my water bottle and hair ties at my grandparent’s house. I wasn’t too upset about that, but as someone who is usually very organized, it made me feel like crap. And that feeling was only made worse when my grandma called to say goodbye. I told her that I overslept and she just said “Well that’s what you get for sleeping in.”

Do you think I wanted to sleep in?!?!?! Um hello I feel awful already!?!?!
Anyway, so I finally get to the airport and it is packed . I waited in line for an hour to see what I should do, and when I finally get up, the lady puts me on standby for a flight yesterday afternoon and guarantees me a spot on the flight out the next morning.
So I go through security and sit at the gate from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., when they said they would be able to tell me if I can go on the standby flight.

Then they tell me that I won’t know if I can go on the standby flight until after boarding is over . And, to make everything even better, the flight was delayed from 4 to 6 .

So I sat on down and waiting until boarding, and finally they called up the last boarding group, then they closed the gate.

Naturally I started stressing out, because they didn’t call anybody on standby. So I had just sat in the airport all day for no reason.

But then they did start calling standby. Because apparently they do that after they close the gate. So thanks so much to the airport staff for telling me that before hand, one of the 5 times I went up to the gate to ask about how standby works.

Luckily I get on the plane, and I had an emergency row seat so I had a big more leg room which was nice. I listened to a comedy podcast for the 3 hour flight, and I thought my bad luck was over.

I get off the plane and meet up with my car service that was taking me back to school. The lady was really nice and we chatted the whole ride back and I stopped to get some dinner.

When I got back to my dorm I said hi to my friends and took a shower then went to lie down and listen to some music before bed. But my earphones were missing. And I was trying to remember where I put them. Then I remembered that I put them in my wallet.

So yeah. I lost my wallet.

I knew I had to have forgotten it in the car (cause, you know, I bought food on the drive back), and I went to call the car driver, but she had already called me. She found my wallet, and she is going to try to get it back to me today.

Only today there is 8 inches of snow on the ground. So no school, but also no wallet. And my stress/anxiety levels are through the roof. And I feel like such an idiot for forgetting my wallet.

So yeah. Yesterday was really sucky and I cried a lot. I cried all morning in the airport because I felt like such a failure for missing my flight. Then I cried for a while when I realized I lost my wallet.

Hopefully I’ll get my wallet back today and I can put yesterday behind me for good.

Have any of you ever had a bad travel day? Or just some day that seems to go wrong at every turn? Because right now I feel like this is a sign about how the rest of the year is gonna go, and I really need someone to tell me that it’s gonna get better.


Thank you guys so much for all the nice comments! It has really made me feel so much better.

Also I got my wallet back!!! The woman who drove me to school from the airport braved the bad weather today to bring it back to me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to her! She really is an amazing woman!

26 thoughts on “I Had the Worst Travel Experience Ever and Now I Feel Like a Failure.

  1. You are not a failure! It was a shitty day and you got through it! That is admirable. Everyone forgets things especially when they are already stressed out! Take the day off school to relax and recoup. If you need some money I am sure your friends will lend you a few bucks! Just hang in there.

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    • Thank you so much ❤
      The woman who drove me yesterday actually braved the weather and brought me my wallet. She is actually amazing. I can't tell you how grateful I am to her!
      The day off school has been incredibly relaxing so far. I am so glad I've had this extra day before school starts up again.

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  2. Awe I’m so sorry. Traveling can be really stressful especially when you lose stuff and the airport system – it all just piles up and adds more stress. At least you made it there safely ❤

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  3. That sounds really sucky! When you travel you’re already out of your comfort zone and then when things go wrong… ugh. I had to do that for a flight early in the morning one time when my lift didn’t show up. I had to get a very expensive taxi to the airport, had to rush to check in and managed to get through a minute before my gate closed. It reinforced my decision to be at the airport at least two hours before my flight leaves because it was just so stressful.

    I hope you got your wallet back!

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    • Airports really are so stressful! Next time I am going to set a double alarm and make sure to get there two hours early as well.
      I did actually get my wallet back! The woman who drove me was so amazing and braved the weather to get it back to me!

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      • I used to get so paranoid and set three alarms, one on my phone, one of my electric alarm clock and one of my battery powered alarm clock! Although I do that for work as well, so that might just be me being paranoid 😀
        That’s so lovely of her, I’m glad you got it back!

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  4. That sounds awful, but you are definitely not a failure! Sometimes alarm clocks fail to do their job efficiently, and that usually throws off the rest of the day. I’ve had an interesting travel experience myself, but I don’t think it was quite as bad as yours. I had to fly home to Arkansas from guide dog camp in Michigan last Summer, which meant catching a connecting flight in Atlanta over Fourth of July weekend. Let’s just say that I will NEVER brave an airport over a holiday weekend ever again… I’m totally blind, so I had to wait for nearly 15 minutes while the gate agent tried to find somebody who could guide me to my next gate. Then the guy she finally found was THE WORST sighted guide I have EVER encountered, (I’ve had some BAD ones), even though I showed him how to guide me before we ever started walking. He insisted on trying to guide me by my backpack strap instead of letting me hold his elbow like I’m supposed to do. Seriously, I thought I was gonna die before I reached my connecting flight! 😂 Then, when I finally got to my gate in one piece, I was informed that I didn’t actually have a ticket from Atlanta to Little Rock. I did; it was just stapled to the back of my ticket from Michigan, but that nearly caused a mini heart attack. Then, I got the pleasure of flying through storms all the way from Atlanta to Little Rock. We circled the Little Rock airport for 45 minutes or so, and then it was like we fell out of the sky to land. I honestly do not think I’ve ever been happier to set foot in Little Rock, Arkansas than I was that day! 😂

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    • Oh my gosh! That sounds awful! Airports really can be terrifying some times. Like who thought it was a good idea to let so many people cram into such a small space? Especially during the holidays when everyone is trying to move around so quickly. It just gets way to chaotic!


  5. Oh don’t worry, I’ve had the suckiest travel experiences- once when I was at uni I had to go back home for an emergency for a bit and then when I had to go back to uni, I was so frazzled I went to the wrong airport, and had to switch flights- all in all it was pretty horrible.
    But I’m relieved that you got your wallet back!

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