About Me

Welcome to Keystroke Blog!
I will now tell you some stuff about me:

  • My name is Em (okay, it’s really Emma… I answer to both)
  • obviously because why else would I have this blog?
  •  I’m psychic, watch this:
    • you love to read too
  • Okay maybe I’m not psychic, but you can give me props for trying
  • I have one older brother and two younger brothers
    • Don’t worry, I love being the only girl
  • The most books I’ve ever read in a week is 13
  • The most books I’ve ever read in a day is 2 1/2
    • Quick note: those two stats don’t include my days reading picture books….
    • Another quick note: if I did the count may be well over 200 books a week
    • Third quick note: I pretty much lived in the library as a kid
  • I want to be a writer one day
  • I mean, I also might be a geneticist or surgeon, but I still have time to decide
  • I think…
  • I still have time, right?
  • Talking about writing, I do NaNoWriMo and Camp Nano (go me!)
  • I have no life
  • I mean, I’m alive and all, I just don’t go out much
  • So whenever I’m not reading I’m usually:
    • baking/blowing things up in the microwave (not sure why they hate me so much)
    • scrapbooking/sobbing at how I’ll never be that cute again
    • Netflix and Hulu marathons/turning into a zombie
    • talking with friends/spamming them with random memes
  • I’m also on social media 24/7 (see: no life) so if you want to brighten my day you can come visit me

So yeah, that’s me people. Excuse me while I go read a book.

P.S. If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out:

The Get to Know Me Tag

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Em,
    Just for fun, this holiday I’ve started doing some creative writing. I’ve been sharing my ideas on my own blog (https://settlingdustbook.wordpress.com/) and eventually I might finish and make it into my own little book (I won’t publish it). I don’t know whether I’ll finish it, but being the accomplished writer that you are I would love it if you could read the first two or three very short chapters and tell me what you think. I’d love to become a writer when I’m older and your advice would be a huge help to make me improve.
    Thanks for your time,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey!
      Thank you for taking the time to look through my blog! I’d love to take a look at your work. You can email it to me at lehrerscooter8 at aol.com
      If you are interested in getting published, a friend and I are setting up a writing contest. If you enter and win you will be published in an anthology!
      All the best with your writing,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Em, I am a new author not too sure about getting my new book noticed. I was told about your blog and reading your website I noticed about the interviews. Can I get you to consider my book for review and if you like it I would be happy to be interviewed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reaching out! Why don’t you fill out the review form on the “got your book reviewed” page and add in a little about yourself in the email!


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