Book Discussion

EBooks have been a thing for a while now. They are easier to travel with and read on the go. I get it. But something about them just turns me off. I always find that I have a much harder time reading and liking an eBook than a ‘real’ hardcopy book.


Maybe it is because I like being able to flip through the book as I go; feeling the pages turn under my fingers.

Maybe it’s the smell of the book or the weight of it in my hands.


Maybe it’s the satisfaction of looking at the spine and seeing how many pages I’ve read and how many more I have left.

No matter what the reason, I always without a doubt enjoy reading hardcopy books more than eBooks. I just feel like it is a better overall reading experience.

So my question for you is this:

Which do you prefer: hardcopy or eBooks? Why?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!