Book Review- Alice in Tumblr-land




Alice in Tumblr-Land and Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation by Tim Manley
Published by Penguin Books on November 5, 2013
Genres: Humor, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Fiction, Retellings, Short Stories
Pages: 265

The Ugly Duckling still feels gross compared to everyone else, but now she’s got Instagram, and there’s this one filter that makes her look awesome. Cinderella swaps her glass slippers for Crocs. The Tortoise and the Hare Facebook stalk each other. Goldilocks goes gluten free. And Peter Pan finally has to grow up and get a job, or at least start paying rent.

Here are more than one hundred fairy tales, illustrated and re-imagined for today. Instead of fairy godmothers, there’s Siri. And rather than big bad wolves, there are creepy dudes on OkCupid. In our brave new world of social networking, YouTube, and texting, fairy tales can once again lead us to “happily ever after” — and have us laughing all the way.

Alice in Tumblr-land took classic children’s book characters and put them in the modern world, creating some pretty interesting situations. A lot of these situations, as I’m sure you can figure out by the title, have to do with social media and the internet.

This book was definitely written for adults. It had its fair amount of R rated content, and though some of it was entertaining, most of it just felt unnecessary and forced. The stories were split up into small paragraphs that rotated, so each of the individual stories ended up feeling disconnected. The stories, besides being set in modern times, really had no connection to each other.

The characters were very one dimensional and not engaging. It felt like each story took the most stereotypical view of each character that was possible and created these unrealistic situations around them.

Alice in Tumblr-land is a very short book, and took less than an hour to read (which tbh is probably the only reason that I finished it). If you are looking to kill an hour, reading this book isn’t the worst way to do it. That being said, I’m not any better off for having read it, so I guess it just comes down to if you enjoy this type of book or not (which, as it turns out, I do not).

I am going to give Alice in Tumblr-land two out of five hearts.

Book Reivew- The Neverland Wars



The Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse
Published by Clean Teen Publishing on May 9, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adults, Retellings
Pages: 302

Magic can do a lot—give you flight, show you mermaids, help you taste the stars, and… solve the budget crisis? That’s what the grown-ups will do with it if they ever make it to Neverland to steal its magic and bring their children home.

However, Gwen doesn’t know this. She’s just a sixteen-year-old girl with a place on the debate team and a powerful crush on Jay, the soon-to-be homecoming king. She doesn’t know her little sister could actually run away with Peter Pan, or that she might have to chase after her to bring her home safe. Gwen will find out though—and when she does, she’ll discover she’s in the middle of a looming war between Neverland and reality.

She’ll be out of place as a teenager in Neverland, but she won’t be the only one. Peter Pan’s constant treks back to the mainland have slowly aged him into adolescence as well. Soon, Gwen will have to decide whether she’s going to join impish, playful Peter in his fight for eternal youth… or if she’s going to scramble back to reality in time for the homecoming dance.

The Neverland Wars brought a fresh view to the story of Peter Pan; which is difficult to do these days considering the sheer amount of Peter Pan (among various other) reboots that have been popping up in recent times.

Instead of diving in with the well known Darling children, Audrey Greathouse introduces Gwen; a sixteen-year-old girl who is a child at heart, and is struggling between youth and the pressures of the teenage world. When her little sister is “kidnapped” by Peter, she decides to run away with him as well, in hopes of luring her sister back home.

the Neverland Wars was magical–there is no denying that–but the story felt like it was missing something. It fell a bit flat for me. I mean, sure, it was entertaining and kept me guessing, but there were a lot of tropes used and a lot of moments that just felt plain cheesy. Not to mention the fact that Gwen kind of reminded me of Wendy from the live-action Peter Pan movie that came out in 2003.

This book is definitely a book for anyone that loves fairy tales. But for someone looking for a fantasy or adventure, I advise you to keep looking.

♥ ♥ ♥

*A copy of this book was provided by YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This has not influenced or changed my opinion of the book in any way.